Animal Health Matters

We recommend yearly boosters for cats, dogs and rabbits. We do send vaccine reminders to our clients. We may not give a full booster in the case of dogs every year so as to avoid over vaccination. Please feel free to discuss this with the vet at the time of consultation.

We can also offer advice about worming, flea treatment, neutering and identichipping at any time. Please ask the vet or nurse at the time of consultation.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our Practice Plan whereby, with monthly payments by direct debit, you can spread the cost of your yearly vaccines, worm treatment and flea control. Please ask at reception for details. Plans start from as little as £12 per month, dependant on size.


There are five major diseases which can be covered by routine vaccination.
1) Flu
2) Enteritis
3) Feline Leukaemia
4) Chlamydia
5) Bordetella
These vaccines can all be combined if required, but as a practice we usually advise flu, enteritis and leukaemia vaccines for all outdoor cats. Please feel free to discuss the other vaccines available with the vet.
We start kitten vaccine courses from nine weeks of age.
Kitten vaccination courses comprise of two injections given at 3 week intervals costing £30.00 per injection.
Booster are recommended yearly costing £40 for flu, enteritis and leukaemia.
These prices are inclusive of a yearly health check.

Alfie the Cat - Hopwood Veterinary Centre


There are five major diseases that are covered by our routine vaccination. They are all highly contagious, can need extensive and expensive treatments, and with the exception of kennel cough, are often fatal.
1) Canine parvovirus
2) Distemper
3) Canine hepatitis
4) Leptospirosis
5) Kennel cough
Puppies can start their vaccinations as early as six weeks of age, and complete the course by ten weeks of age. Until at least seven days after the completion of the course, puppies should be kept away from high risk areas such as public parks.
The puppy vaccines cost £30.00 per injection. Except in high risk ares, a course of two is normally sufficient.
Boosters are given yearly at a cost of £40 for a full booster and £38.00 for a part booster. A full health check is inclusive of vaccine price.
Kennel cough vaccines cost £25.

King Charles Spaniel - Hopwood Veterinary Centre


It is advised that rabbits are vaccinated against myxamatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease, both of which can be rapidly fatal for your rabbit. Indoor rabbits should also be vaccinated, as the diseases may be transmitted by biting insects such as fleas. Vaccines can be given from six weeks of age for the combined myxamatosis/VHD1 and ten weeks of age in the case of VHD2. A full health check is inclusive of price. We can now offer a combined VHD1/myxamatosis vaccine for £40. VHD2 vaccines are £25.

We believe VHD2 cases are on the increase in our area now and would advise vaccines for VHD1, VHD2 and myxamatosis be given to rabbits.

Please ask at reception for details.


Rabbit - Hopwood Veterinary Centre


Identichipping £16

Dog castrate from £120 - £135 ( dependant on weight )
Dog spay from £220 - £300 ( dependant on weight )

Cat castrate £50
Cat spay £70

Neutering costs are inclusive of pain relief injection,as appropriate, on the day of surgery and post op checks.