Price Guide


Consultation are generally at 15 minute intervals £42

There are reductions for repeat consultations, at the discretion of the vet, for ongoing cases.


Cat spay £120
Cat castrate £90

Dog castrate £190 - £240 dependant on weight
Dog spay £310 - £440 dependant on weight

Rabbit castrate £100
Rabbit spay £120

All prices inclusive of post op pain relief on the day of surgery as appropriate and post op checks with the nurse. Continued pain relief is available on request if needed at an additional charge


Standard £20

Ensure the safety of your beloved pets by opting for our Identichip fitting service. Our experienced veterinarians skillfully implant these tiny microchips, providing a permanent and reliable way to identify your pets in case they ever go missing.

Rest easy knowing that reuniting with your furry companions is just a scan away.  Please ensure that you register your chip following implantation by following the instructions given to you at the time


Kitten course £35 per injection
(usually course of 2 injections)

Puppy course £35 per injection
(usually course of 2 injections)

Cat booster £45 for flu, enteritis and leukaemia

Dog full booster £45
Dog part booster £42
Kennel cough £30
Rabies booster £80

Combined VHD1/2 /Myxo £55

Puppy and kitten courses generally comprise of two injections.

All vaccination prices are inclusive of a health check by the vet.

All puppy vaccination courses comprise of two full injections being given to ensure maximum protection.

Practice Plans to spread the cost of vaccines, worming and flea control by monthly direct debit start from as little as £16 per month.

Please feel free to telephone for further guidance on prices or estimates on other procedures.